In conversation with English National Ballet associate Choreographer Stina Quagebeur**

Beginning the new year is always feels funny mix of reflection and the generation of new ideas: Whether you enjoy goal setting or just generally re-tuning intentions ( personally I am totally for the latter this year ) sometimes you just have to give your brain a bit of a boost to get it excited about the next steps. 

I find it fascinating ( and useful)  asking other professional idea makers what makes them spark… 

Stina Quagebeur is one such inspiring maker. 

Beginning her second season as associate choreographer with ENB company; with a number of well received ballets under her belt (!!) I asked Stina how she approaches setting herself up for inspiration:
These are the four habits that Stina practises to keep her ideas and energy flowing: 
  • A walk with my Airpods while listening to music… with nothing to distract my thoughts… somehow new ideas always arrive!
  • Meeting one of my creative friends such as Alice(!)….when things are blocked. Talking to other artists always helps….it gives me a nudge and the energy to keep going.
  • Getting lost in a bookshop. My London favourites are Foyles by Tottenham Court Rd or the book shop at the National Theatre; there’s even a reading corner.
  • Pilates to wake my body up in the mornings and feel energised for the day. I’ve done this my entire career. The routine helps keep me grounded.
Stina wears a quartz silk scarf designed by Alice.
** Stina Quagebeur is a freshly retired First Artist and current Associate Choreographer with English National Ballet. She has Choreographed for Dance, Opera and Film internationally and has been praised for her distinctive voice in bringing classical ballet and contemporary dance together in a narrative setting. 
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January 17, 2023