Consciously created studio & swimwear, Illustrated and designed by Alice. Inspired by the natural world.

Join Alice at the forefront of dance design where her collaborations span choreography, science, art, photography, film, and tech.​

A collaboration with artist; writer Juliet Burnett.



Hi, Alice here! My greatest source of joy is the natural world, which is why I feel so strongly that anything I make must respect it. While my hand-painted designs are inspired by the seasons, my production process is just the opposite – providing conscious consumers with lifelong pieces that transcend fast fashion. In fact, my very first ballet skirt is now 15 years old and looks no different from the day I sewed it. I make purposefully small batches to ensure zero waste, ship to you via carbon-neutral courier and use recyclable packaging that includes an protective organic cotton tote bag.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
'I first saw a DBA rainbow skirt on a dancer I admire and I was hooked. It was so different from any dance wear I'd seen before, more like an extension of the art that dance is than just something comfortable to move in - although it's that too!'
— Sinead Skinner, Costume designer & adult ballet dancer
Customer reviews
‘I had been eyeing these leotards since I saw the photos of them, and growing up in a family of swimmers, my love for all things aquatic runs deep. When I found out that they’re made from 78% recycled plastic bottles I was completely sold. It’s flattering and breathable for dancing and I can’t wait to go for a swim in it too!
— Emma Hawes, Ballet dancer, English National Ballet
Customer reviews
'I adore DBA skirts. Each one I own is a piece of art to treasure, not only for the exquisite designs, but also for the thoughtful and loving way they are ethically produced. They are so special that they’ll stay with me all through my dancing years and then be passed on as heirlooms to my daughter.'
— Lucy Williamson, Adult ballet dancer