• 120 unique bodysuits, whose prints are carved out of a larger, original illustration.
  • In collaboration with performers Monique Jonas, Emma Hawes, Cira Robinson, Jasmine Chiu, Larissa Siems, Holly Moon Griffith and Maidie Widmer
  • Each Piece is made from the highest performing fabric with the lowest environmental impact.
  • Inspired by cycles of our psyche in the modern world, and the complex collective psychological rhythms we are going through right now.
  • Inspiration

    Project PSYCHE  a concept collection ~ of collaborative art and 120 variant bodysuits ( all pieces of a larger concept painting) that are available for sale www.designedbyalice.co.uk 

    Psyche, means both soul and  butterfly in Ancient Greek and I’d like to think this project has a lot of (he)art & soul (!) as well as a kind of exciting metamorphic chaos that we associate with a butterfly's pre-being. 

    As a designer/consumer I’ve always been interested in beautiful and unusual pieces that have meaning and as an artist/ performer I am interested in giving something tangible away: a momento that the audience could keep with them to remind them of that moment/ idea. 

    To me, no one part of my work is given priority; it is a continuous circle of

    > appealing product > performance > exploration > meaning > visual art > good design (loops back)

    Sometimes running my ‘business’ I am reminded of the exciting and yet hard to pin-point biological gloop of a butterfly pre-metamorphosis. When you know there’s something really tangible in there, but its form is indiscernible. And it's this promise of potential that I’d really like Project PSYCHE to encapsulate. 

    We all have a lot to give; many forms that we can take; an awe-inspiring capacity to evolve and reform. Our contemporary collective is amid a particularly complex psychological cycle right now. And yet conversely the modern world feels like it’s constantly pressuring the individual to outwardly project a serene linear ‘gliding butterfly state’.  unknowns are equally important and valid states to take/be in.


    This leads me on to the product design itself:

    I’ve made a bodysuit out of the highest performing material I could find with the lowest environmental footprint. Naturally it’s regenerated from plastic bottles. The regenerated fabric the bodysuits are made from won't limit your movement creativity and they’re genuinely just as suitable for dance and performance as they would be meditating, hiking, swimming, skating, diving, wearing to a festival etc.

    The performance aspect of the Project PSYCHE is still an unfurling concept to explore and share digitally: I am delighted that Monique Jonas, an inspiring mover, creative and founder of Jona Dance has joined me as lead performance collaborator on this foray.

    Further contributions from principal ballerinas Emma Hawes, Cira Robinson, theatre maker and contemporary dancer Jasmine Chui, designer Larissa Siems and talented newly graduated dancers Holly Moon Griffith and Maidie Widmer. Folde jewellery lent us some of their exquisite pieces too and my studio community Netil House provided the Space. 

    Creativity/life doesn’t have a fixed state.

    There are many ways of being,

    of beginning and ending and beginning again.

    I hope you enjoy Project PSYCHE  and its concept collection



    September 21, 2022