You may notice that I have introduced another size for the bodysuits! This is an exciting continuation of development for the bodysuit line. 
Consciously keeping collections small and simple and growth at a strong and sustainable pace allows me to focus on the individuality and longevity of each design and ensures that I never over-produce or create something unwanted; an industry problem that's having dire effects on the environment in terms of waste. 
Unlike designers that use a plain fabric I design my pieces to exactly fit and sculpt each bodysuit shape. This has some great design and sustainability pros but it is also time consuming to create and test each shape perfectly: It's one of the reasons that rather than immediately bringing out a whole new product collection. I am slowly building upon the line as designs and feedback go out and live in the real world! 
So please keep sending me feedback and letting me know what you LOVE!
I am excited to keep building the line where there is interest! :)
Thank you all for your support!
May 18, 2021