The legacy of movement through perspiration...
Once crystallised, the cubic structure of sweat suggests unity, differentiation and balance. 
The ancient Romans valued individuals who were ‘worth their salt’ they considered a sweat allowance a salary of an individual's hard efforts. 
‘Perspire’ highlights the beautiful crystalline structures of the personal sweat allowance of ballerina Cira. The organic facets of encrusted crystal are fused within the fabrics that they have grown from. Evidence of dance, of excursion and power, of lost water but lasting salt. 
71% of the world is water, this is mostly the oceans salt water. It’s physical power demands our respect and the currents of its influence run throughout our project effecting both movement and form.
PHOTOGRAPHER : James Stopforth
MOVEMENT / COSTUME : Alice Williamson
TALENT: Cira Robinson  
 MAKE-UP: Joey Choy 
June 08, 2021