I spent January and February of this year on an exciting research project at Harvard University’s new ArtLab - Where myself and my collaborator my collaborator, physicist and dancer, Dr Merritt Moore had been invited to be artists-in-residence. We were investigating ' Creating a duet between a human dancer and industrial robot that will be choreographed by A.I.’

 ...This was the third stage of our on going project that had began in London and Oslo last year. We are thrilled that it has been well received by the university and wider community (from both the artistic and scientific angle) and the team of interested collaborators continues to grow. Converse to expectations this has began an incredibly pro-human project that perhaps now has even more value within our current global state of lockdown. Merritt and myself are now working out ways to keep the momentum going during the COVID-19 crisis... any ideas and support is always welcome. We hope to have something really beautiful ( + useful) to present to you all in the near future! 

March 28, 2020