Thrilled to share the **THE FABULIST** artwork that I’ve created for Ana Silvera‘s new album.

Ana is wearing a bespoke dress/ painting that I illustrated in response to listening to ‘The fabulist’… the ever shifting tones and narratives of her evocative music seemed to defy any fixed state … instead I layered drawings over drawings, stories over stories and then wrapped Ana up in all the colour of her music. (In the form of a dress made from the painting )
Ana also bravely and rather magically danced for many of the photos and film clips… not a dancer by training … we had great fun working and developing her moment vocabulary … to create these expressive vignettes.

You can now pre-order the album: there’s a sweet 6 panel silk finish softpack (the most eco of CD packing.) It included’s a 12 pannel fold out lyric poster illustrated by yours truly with graphic design by Alan Foulkes. If you sign up to Ana’s ‘inner circle’ aka her mailing list you’ll receive a few other cute OG surprises.

The official release date is 22nd of April.

----> See Ana’s website for more details and to book tickets for her tour!

April 24, 2022