I’ve changed the colour of @shop_designedbyalice 

A breath of blue 

For the change in seasons 

And a reminder of a change in pace & objectives 






I feel I’ve got to a stage now where a good many of you know and understand the stories & core values of DBA. It’s natural evolution over the last decade along my own creative practice has been pretty sweet! 

It is primary joy of mine to create an idea and watch it inspire, grow and develop out in the real world; to become yours. 


For the late Summer and Autumn I have an idea: rather than the brand and myself falling off grid / off instagram as I create the necessary space I need evolve some new shoots … I’d love for you to help me out and become the voice of @shop_designedbyalice , whilst also enriching the public image of DBA for us all to enjoy! 

Think of this proposition as a little bit of motivation to go do the things you might not always give yourself permission to do: Maybe that’s a slightly bigger outdoors adventure, a photo shoot, a bit of creative writing …

I just want to hear and see how you enjoy be-ing in your DBA!

I hope that can I encourage those of you who feel inspired to be part of this DBA story-project by sharing:

  • Photo & thoughts featuring your DBA pieces, simply where were you? Or a few brief words on how a piece or place make you feel? 
  • Videos: share that magic moment your experienced something real sweet in your DBA. 
  • Creative writing, films and other projects all encouraged as are both the Silly and serious in tone! 

Please post, tag @shop_designedbyalice and share your stories if you have a social media presence - so that I’ll be able to find them!

  • If you don’t have a social media presence you can also partake by emailing photos etc to hello@designedbyalice.co.uk 

For each story I share I’ll on my insta-grid send a personal thank you and voucher to spend at www.designedbyalice.co.uk 

I am really looking forward to hearing your voices and seeing DBA through your eyes!


September 05, 2023