Your DBA ballet skirt

Danceable art // This premium wrap chiffon ballet skirt is cut to the classic DBA shape then roll-hemmed and tied with stretch herringbone elastic. Each design is hand painted in my studio, digitally printed in the UK then sewn by a talented team of freelance costume makers. It will fit you beautifully and last a lifetime.

Sizing // Prints vary according to skirt length, to create the most flattering design. Please check the colouring of the length you order.

Interested in placing a large order for your ballet school or show? Email me at


My inspiration

Dancing on rainbows // There once was a Greek goddess, Iris, who rode rainbows to carry messages from the gods to earth. Nimble, beautiful and bright, I'd like to think she was a dancer - movement being the purest form of communication.


Our commitment as conscious consumers

DBA ballet skirts are made of poly chiffon: a durable fabric that lasts a lifetime. In fact, my very first skirt is 15 years old and looks no different from the day it was made. Digitally printed in the UK then sewn by a talented team of freelance ballet and west-end costume makers, these premium ballet skirts are made in purposefully small batches that ensure zero waste. You will receive your order via carbon-neutral courier, in recyclable packaging that includes an organic cotton tote bag.