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A hat to match your bodysuit on the beach!!! 


Painted under April's sky, with my head in the clouds; feet on the ground. 

My latest illustrated cloud collection comprises of ballet skirts, bodysuits and silk scarves - Useful and versatile pieces for the dance studio, the ocean and everywhere in-between. Pieces created for escapism, inspired by the wonders of the natural world and created in an environmentally considerate manner.

(I've always loved clouds, who doesn't love clouds!) In the words of E.E. Cummings:



          Spring)and everyone's

in love and flowers pick themselves


The cotton hats are printed in the UK on GOTS eco optic cotton polin. I’ve kept the top stitching white so that you can appreciate the craftsmanship in each piece.

Each hat will vary marginally from the pictures, they unique due to the random nature of the original painting they are cut from. They are made to order within 1-3 weeks.

Medium head circumference 57.5 cm

Large head circumference 59.5 cm